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  "Traditionally, we think our challenge is to make the right diagnosis and pick the right treatment. But now we realize it's more than that - it's to reach the patients in a way that works for them."

Simon Whitney, MD - Baylor Family Medicine in Houston

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Welcome to Advance Pathology Services, P.C.

Advance Pathology Services, PC
is a complete anatomic laboratory. Our laboratory is located in Cadillac, Michigan. Working with MDL Laboratories, we provide service to over 40 physician’s offices in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

We can provide courier service to physician offices in Michigan and can handle all your histology and cytology needs. The results of your biopsies and specimens are available within 24 hours of receipt in our laboratory. We accept most insurance carriers in Michigan.

We are the only laboratory in Northern Michigan to offer NeoGenomics Laboratory's NeoSITE test for malignant melanoma. This is a highly specific and sensitive diagnostic tool for discriminating malignant melanomas from atypical nevi. This allows for an objective evaluation of the tumors that show borderline features of malignancy or are clinically suspicious for malignancy.

Through MDL Laboratories, we have available Genesis Biotechnology’s OneSwab tests. This allows for the identification of over 60 microorganisms from most anatomic sites. The test results are fast, highly sensitive and specific with reflex antibiotic testing in many cases. This test can also be used to identify several genetic diseases.

What is Pathology?

Pathology is the area of medicine which deals with the diagnosis of disease. This may be done by sampling body tissues. Sometimes this involves blood tests (clinical pathology), such as when diagnosing diabetes. Other times, as with cancer, it requires sampling tissue (anatomic pathology). This sampling is called a biopsy.

Biopsies come in many forms. The smallest of these is the sampling of individual cells with a needle of scraping. The best known example of this is the PAP smear used to screen for cervical cancers.

Next in size are needle and core biopsies. In these biopsies a small sample of tissue is removed and viewed under the microscope. This type of sampling is used for deeper tissues were surgery is not desirable. Quite frequently the biopsy is obtained with the help of a CT scan or ultrasound. Often, this type of biopsy is preformed in conjunction with a cytology sample.

An open biopsy is obtained by a surgeon. This involves the removal of a lesion or larger portion of tissue. The laboratory then prepares the tissue to be viewed by a pathologist. The pathologist then makes the diagnosis of the disease from the sample.

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  "About 85% of patients who receive a life-threatening diagnosis seek a second opinion. If you don't have access to a specialist, obtain a virtual second instead."

Jennifer Nelson - USA Weekend, April 20-22, 2007

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